Incident Reporter
Business Education and Child Protection Health Sport

Small Business & Industry

"Incident Reporter is easy to use, and it saves us time. Most importantly, it gives us a better understanding of the facts that we base our risk reduction activities on. If you can see a pattern in the little events, you can stop the big ones from happening."

Education & Child Protection

"On the first day we implemented Incident Reporter we logged eighteen incidents. I had no idea there were so many incidents happening." - School Principal

"It saves me time. It's easy to use and with one click I've done the parent notification."
- School Nurse

Health & Aged Care

"Incidents in a health care setting can be serious in nature, and there is also the issue of handling family reactions and, in some cases the media. Having a comprehensive, systematic approach is an essential part of managing your risks. Incident Reporter is the best I've seen."

Sport & Recreation

"Incident information is sent to the central system for reporting and analysis. It's comprehensive and it's quick."


Protect, Report, Respond & Reduce Your Risk

Why Incident Reporter

It's simple. Without this information, you and your business, school, venue or club are at risk.

Incident Reporter is an online incident reporting service which offers you:


A timely, complete and structured record of the facts you need regarding any incident or person involved.

Tracks Actions

Pushes each incident from hand to hand for a speedy resolution and completion.

TrendsTrend Analysis

By type, person, place, and over time to show your progress in risk reduction or provide you with the means to better deal with specific issues, physical areas and or people appropriately.

Who is Incident Reporter For?

Given the need for increased care and safety in all environments, Incident Reporter is relevant to any organisation, enterprise, group or individual committed to improving health and safety standards while reducing risk.

Education & Child Protection Services including:

  • Childcare Centres & Kindergartens
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Tertiary Institutions

Small Business and Industry including:

  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Transport & Freight Services
  • Construction & Building Services

If you’re in business or industry you must understand the risks – commercial and financial – of incidents with staff or customers. You must also understand how important it is to document what happens from a legal and HR perspective. Incident Reporter helps you do that easily and effectively.

Health and Aged Care Facilities

The health and Aged Care sectors are coming under greater and greater scrutiny to be able to address, report and communicate with e.g. direct family, any incidents that take place while a patient is in care.

Incident Reporter can be tailored to report incidents internally and communicate externally to key stakeholders.

Sports and Recreation including:

  • Events
  • Venues
  • Sporting or other Clubs and Organisations
  • Church Groups & Non-Profits

We know that recreational sport is one of the greatest arenas for injury in the country, however, the true extent goes widely unreported. Or, what is reported is haphazard, ad hoc and paper-based. Incident Reporter can help you to ensure that the person involved was properly taken care of, while protecting the club, stadium or team.

Incident Reporter can be tailored to your environment and needs.

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