Incident Reporter
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Small Business & Industry

"Incident Reporter is easy to use, and it saves us time. Most importantly, it gives us a better understanding of the facts that we base our risk reduction activities on. If you can see a pattern in the little events, you can stop the big ones from happening."

Education & Child Protection

"On the first day we implemented Incident Reporter we logged eighteen incidents. I had no idea there were so many incidents happening." - School Principal

"It saves me time. It's easy to use and with one click I've done the parent notification."
- School Nurse

Health & Aged Care

"Incidents in a health care setting can be serious in nature, and there is also the issue of handling family reactions and, in some cases the media. Having a comprehensive, systematic approach is an essential part of managing your risks. Incident Reporter is the best I've seen."

Sport & Recreation

"Incident information is sent to the central system for reporting and analysis. It's comprehensive and it's quick."


Protect, Report, Respond & Reduce Your Risk

Sometimes in life - at school, at home, at work, at sport, at public gatherings or venues - incidents happen.

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It's how we treat these incidents and the people involved in them, that determines the level of risk we run as a School & Principal, CEO, Entrepreneur or Business Owner, Employer, Manager, Facility Chief, Promoter, Club President or even Individual or family with service staff in or around the home.

Unfortunately, we now live in an environment of risk and litigation – one where how we reduce and manage that risk determines the financial and other outcomes we face both personally and professionally.

Protecting yourself and others is key. Demonstrating all reasonable measures and responsibility is critical.

Incident Reporter sees you deal with these risks and increase the level of care and safety provided to those you have a responsibility and duty of care toward on a day-to-day basis.

Like most good things in life, the concept is simple. Here's how it works more...

Collect - Review - Act