Incident Reporter
Business Education and Child Protection Health Sport

Small Business & Industry

"Incident Reporter is easy to use, and it saves us time. Most importantly, it gives us a better understanding of the facts that we base our risk reduction activities on. If you can see a pattern in the little events, you can stop the big ones from happening."

Education & Child Protection

"On the first day we implemented Incident Reporter we logged eighteen incidents. I had no idea there were so many incidents happening." - School Principal

"It saves me time. It's easy to use and with one click I've done the parent notification."
- School Nurse

Health & Aged Care

"Incidents in a health care setting can be serious in nature, and there is also the issue of handling family reactions and, in some cases the media. Having a comprehensive, systematic approach is an essential part of managing your risks. Incident Reporter is the best I've seen."

Sport & Recreation

"Incident information is sent to the central system for reporting and analysis. It's comprehensive and it's quick."


Protect, Report, Respond & Reduce Your Risk

How it works

Incident Reporter is an online, cloud-based software, accessible anywhere by anyone with a login.

Using Incident Reporter helps you easily and quickly respond to, report, communicate with key parties (such as, e.g. parents or HR) and document incidents and the care and actions taken by each person in the chain to deal with that incident responsibly.

how Whether the incident is an accident on the school playground, in your retail shop, at your event or venue, in your Church, at your Club, in your home, building or facility or on your factory floor (or even whether the incident is behavioral or you need to report feedback given by staff or e.g. students on sensitive matters such as possible abuse or e.g. bullying in the workplace) – it, and all actions taken by whom and when, can be tracked and stored for easy access and future reference, as well as recording referrals and appropriate action items beyond the moment of the incident.

Better yet, it's simple and easy to use.

Incident Reporter improves the quality of information available to you. Some examples include:

  • It automates the collection of the time, date and location of every incident, and who reported it.
  • The settings are customisable to your workplace needs.
  • One click, and follow-up alerts are emailed to the right people.
  • The system flags where action is needed and sends reminders until Incident Reports are completed and closed.
  • Past reports can quickly be retrieved in the event of needing to reference Incidents for key stakeholders or legal purposes.
  • With the click of a button, produce useful reports that aid in decision making on where resources need to be placed to reduce risk and to prevent larger incidents from taking place.