Incident Reporter
Business Education and Child Protection Health Sport

Small Business & Industry

"Incident Reporter is easy to use, and it saves us time. Most importantly, it gives us a better understanding of the facts that we base our risk reduction activities on. If you can see a pattern in the little events, you can stop the big ones from happening."

Education & Child Protection

"On the first day we implemented Incident Reporter we logged eighteen incidents. I had no idea there were so many incidents happening." - School Principal

"It saves me time. It's easy to use and with one click I've done the parent notification."
- School Nurse

Health & Aged Care

"Incidents in a health care setting can be serious in nature, and there is also the issue of handling family reactions and, in some cases the media. Having a comprehensive, systematic approach is an essential part of managing your risks. Incident Reporter is the best I've seen."

Sport & Recreation

"Incident information is sent to the central system for reporting and analysis. It's comprehensive and it's quick."


Protect, Report, Respond & Reduce Your Risk


Incident Reporter was founded by Roland Maxwell and Jason Culton during 2011. For two years they and their programmers created, developed, designed, tested and tinkered away behind closed doors, to create what is now an incredibly robust and secure software applicable far beyond the original schools market.

Team Background

For many years, Roland and Jason designed and built web interfaces for some of Australia's largest Fortune 500 companies and Government Bodies.

Working in a large digital agency they undertook significant projects for e.g. the ANZ Intranet for all 30,000 employees to use on a day to day basis, the Telstra National Activation Centre for mobile phone connectivity, the whole of Victorian Government Online Gateway and the CGU online brokerage system to name just a few.

Although award winning, both realised they wanted to work with people and projects they were more personally connected with and passionate about so, in 2003 they launched Boojum a web and application development organization.

Boojum was created to help organisations involved in positive social and environmental change become more successful in achieving their goals online and offline via the use of technology, web and apps.

"We wanted to work on the causes that are important to us full-time, not just on our weekends. We apply the skills we learned on complex corporate projects to community needs." Jason Culton

They transitioned from working with those large Fortune 500 companies, to environmental groups, government bodies, Councils, advocates for social justice and many primary and high schools.

For Roland, as a previous teacher himself and Jason as the son of a Principal, they well understood the Schools environment. They listened to what schools said was needed and spent the last 2 years creating, working on, testing and retesting and Incident Reporter for Schools was born.

"We developed it, because the schools that we worked with needed it. It's been developed in consultation with school principals, teachers, school nurses, and admin staff. It's designed around their real needs. That's how we work: we identify real problems, and design tools that make the problems go away." Roland Maxwell.

In late 2013, Incident Reporter was successfully piloted in two leading Melbourne Schools, with more to follow.